3 Inspiring Design Ideas for Custom Inserts

Packaging is a fantastic marketing tool that can significantly boost your business growth. Whether you’re selling makeup or a simple toilet paper holder, creating a pleasant unboxing experience can thrill your customers, making them feel as excited as a 6-year-old on their birthday.

An enchanting unboxing experience can help customers connect with your brand more deeply. It encourages them to come back for more and builds their loyalty. When we think about the unboxing experience, one thing that comes to mind is using custom packaging inserts.

Using inserts, from thank-you cards to cardboard inserts, allows you to share your brand’s story. Moreover, securely holding your products during shipping and storage helps establish a strong and positive relationship with your customers. It might sound like a lot to manage, but the beauty of inserts is that they can achieve all this with a single investment.

In this informative guide by Custom Pack Box, we will help you design your custom inserts with three inspiring ideas that will help you to make a lead for your products in the competitive market.

What Is a Custom Box Insert?

You might be wondering what a custom box insert is! This little entail goes inside the custom box with the product. It provides cushion purposes and can be printed with valuable information that helps branding.

These box inserts are highly reputable in the packaging industry. By 2032, the packaging inserts market is estimated to reach US $3.5 billion, growing at a CAGR of 4.5%. There are different types of packaging inserts for boxes, such as:

  • Cardboard inserts
  • Custom foam inserts for boxes
  • Corrugated inserts
  • Plastic inserts

You can select the following options to match your product’s delicacy and align with your brand’s requirements.

Awe-Inspiring Design Ideas for Custom Box Inserts

Now you know what a custom box insert is and the different types available for them. It’s time to put on your thinking caps and design your inserts. Try to get creative with colors, materials, and prints when customizing these box inserts.

Here are a few design ideas that you must follow to create a wow factor in your custom packaging inserts:

1. Choose the Right Material

When designing a custom insert box, the choice of material is crucial. The thickness, color, and texture of the material you choose directly impact the overall appeal of the insert. Here are some materials to consider:

Cardboard inserts

In an era where sustainability is at the forefront of consumer consciousness, opting for eco-friendly materials for your custom inserts is not just a design choice but also a statement of your brand’s values. Cardboard inserts play a significant role in accomplishing this goal. They help to reduce your environmental footprint and resonate with eco-conscious consumers. These custom inserts hold slightly heavier products like bottles of wine or perfumes.

Foam inserts

They offer cushioning and shock absorption, ideal for fragile electronics or glassware. They cradle your products securely, preventing any damage during transit. Custom foam inserts for boxes are available in black and white colors, so you can choose the one that suits your needs.

Custom Die-cut Inserts

To truly stand out, consider custom die-cut inserts. These inserts are precisely cut into unique shapes that complement your product or brand. For instance, if you’re selling artisanal candles, a die-cut insert in the shape of a flame could add an unforgettable touch to your custom packaging boxes.

2. Print Your Branding Essentials

  • Custom box inserts can serve as a clever way to integrate your marketing materials into your product packaging. Consider incorporating relevant information directly onto the inserts instead of bombarding your customers with separate brochures or flyers. Here’s how to do it effectively:
  • Storytelling: Use the space on your inserts to tell your brand’s story. Share your journey, values, and what sets you apart from the competition. A well-crafted narrative can resonate deeply with your customers, making them feel more connected to your brand.
  • Product Information: Print them on the insert if your product requires assembly or has specific usage instructions. This not only adds convenience for your customers but also reduces the chances of misunderstandings or product misuse.
  • Promotions & Discounts: Announce special promotions, discounts, or loyalty programs on your custom inserts. Customers who unbox their purchases will immediately see the value in future purchases, encouraging repeat business.

By merging marketing materials with your custom packaging inserts, you streamline the customer experience and create a cohesive brand message that lingers in their minds long after the purchase.

3. Go With Minimalism

“Minimalism is not a lack of something. It’s simply the perfect amount of something.”

In the age of information overload, simplicity wins customers’ hearts as they want tranquility in their packaging designs. When designing box inserts, remember the mantra: “Less is more.” Here’s how you can implement a minimalist design approach to your custom packaging insert

  • Minimalist Design: Opt for clean, uncluttered designs that focus on the essentials. Use whitespace strategically to draw attention to key elements. A minimalist aesthetic looks sophisticated and conveys a sense of professionalism.
  • Short & Sweet Messaging: Keep your text concise and to the point. Avoid long paragraphs or excessive technical jargon. Instead, use catchy headlines, logos, bullet points, or brief, impactful statements that convey your message swiftly.

How to Create Custom Inserts With Custom Pack Box?

Our team of professional engineers is here to assist you in creating custom packaging inserts to showcase your brand. If you’ve already got a structural design and dieline ready for your inserts, just send it our way, and we’ll provide you with a quote. If you’re starting from scratch, here are three easy steps to order your inserts.

  • Share your custom-printed boxes and insert preferences, including material, product type, weight, and placement. Including pictures or sketches of your design will help us understand your needs better.
  • Confirm your requirements with our team before ordering our structural design services.
  • Our engineers will craft your custom box inserts using your provided products. Once done, we’ll send a 3D mock-up design for your approval. Place an order once you’re satisfied!

Bottom Line!

Custom packaging inserts are a versatile and powerful tool for enhancing your brand’s packaging and customer experience. By carefully selecting materials, integrating marketing materials, and embracing minimalist design principles, you can create custom inserts that impress and resonate with your customers.

These inserts become a tangible representation of your brand’s identity, leaving a lasting imprint that fosters customer loyalty and word-of-mouth recommendations. So, consider the potential of these small but mighty elements in your packaging strategy.

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