How to Ship a Coffee mug without it breaking

Almost everyone owns a coffee mug, and most of us have broken one at some point. It’s just that it’s one of the most easily broken items in our kitchen and one of the most frequently used. It would be dreadful if you ordered a set of personalized mugs for your family or a set of promotional mugs for your company only to open it and discover that everything was broken.

Or, you may have forgotten someone’s special birthday and, at the last minute, the thought of gifting one of those unique photo coffee mugs, arranged for the mug printing the same day, just to witness the surprise on her face when she saw the shattered mug. It all comes down to how well your Custom Mug Boxes are made.

To avoid having the Custom Mug Boxes damaged during delivery. The proper packaging is essential. In this article, we will look at how to properly pack the Custom Mug Boxes before delivering it. Packing the coffee mug is simple provided you have all of the necessary components on hand. There are numerous ways to pack coffee mugs to minimize breaking, and here is one simple packing tutorial to ensure that you do not.

The right way to make Custom Mug Boxes

Prepare the necessary packing materials.

The first step in packaging the coffee mug without breaking it is to have the appropriate packing materials.

  • All of the packing materials are available at your local retailers.
  • The most critical items you’ll need are bubble wrap and packaging tape to secure the mug inside.
  • It would be a big help if you have the proper size thermocole for the coffee mug.
  • If necessary, you can use other cushioning materials such as sponges or packing peanuts in addition to the bubble wrap.
  • Check your Custom Coffee Mug Packaging Boxes materials for any little sharp things that may accidentally generate scathes on the mugs, which could ruin the aesthetic of the mug, especially if you are going to print coffee mugs.

The proper fit box

Once you’ve gathered all of your packing items, it’s time to choose that ideally shaped box.

When it comes to packing fragile items like coffee mugs, choosing the size and substance of theMug Boxes is critical. It is normally recommended to use a large box that is larger than the coffee mug and to fill it with bubble wrap or other cushioning materials.

If you choose a small-sized Custom Mug Box or an exact fit box for the coffee cup, there is a chance that the mug will touch the box and will break if there is any stress on the box. In the case of overly large boxes, there is always the possibility that the stuffing within is insufficient, which could result in the coffee mug shifting inside and causing breakages.

As a result, selecting the appropriate box size is critical. Don’t be cheap and choose a little box or cram two coffee mugs into one large package. Now that you have all of the necessary packing supplies, it is time to move on to the next stage of the process: actual packing.

The packaging procedure

If you have all of the necessary packing materials on hand, you’ve already completed half of your work. Because of the different cheap mug printing alternatives, it has become critical to understand the proper technique to pack mugs as their use has expanded.


The first and most basic step is to wrap the coffee mug. You can use a thick plastic cover to place the mug inside and cover it completely. Alternatively, wrap a packing paper securely around the coffee mug. You can also directly wrap the coffee mug in bubble wrap.

Packing tape

Use packing tape to secure the wrapping so that it does not fall out during the next phases of packing. You can skip this step if you are using thermocol, but if you are packing personalized mugs, it is preferable to wrap them anyhow.


The next step is to get the package ready. The bottom of the box you picked to pack the coffee mug in must be lined with bubble wrap. You can also place some paper underneath it. This is done to protect the cup from any shock that the package may experience and to keep it from breaking. You can skip this step if you use an exact-fitting thermocol that also covers the bottom of the mug.


Tape all five edges of the box securely before placing it inside to prevent it from opening with the weight of the coffee mug.

Place the mug

Now that you’ve checked the box, it’s time to put the mug inside. If you’re using an exact fit thermocol, put the coffee mug inside first, then the thermocol and the mug inside the box. If you don’t use thermocol, you might see small gaps between the mug and the box. Fill in the gaps with bubble wrap, sponges, and packing peanuts.

Tip: Make sure the packaging isn’t too tight, because the tension near the mug may cause it to shatter. So take careful to fill the gaps with enough shock-absorbing materials to prevent the mug from moving, but not so much that the mug becomes tense.

After you’ve filled the outside of the coffee mug, it’s time to fill the inside.

Fill the gaps

The strain or shock tends to move to any gap, and with the center of the coffee mug being empty, it could break the coffee mug. Fill the center lightly with sponges, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, or rags. Even if you use a thermocouple construction, you must stuff the insides of the mug with the components.

Tip: Pay special attention to the handle of the coffee mug because it is one of the most commonly broken parts. Wrap bubble wrap over the handle, fasten it with packing tape, then insert sponges between the handle’s spaces.

To sum it up now that you’ve finished the inside, shake the box lightly in a horizontal manner to inspect the overall packing. Check to see if the coffee mug is moving. If it isn’t, your task is nearly finished. If you’re moving, you’ll need more packing materials. Check the gap between the top of the coffee mug and the packaging to the upper lid of the box when closed before closing it. Fill it with bubble wrap and secure it with packing tape if necessary. Before taping the box, close the lid and lightly shake it in a vertical position to observe if anything moves. If not, your job is done! You can use the packing tape to secure the entire box once more and finish your packing. To get your own custom mug boxes, get in touch with custom pack boxalso get tips to make your mug packaging stand out. And they will customize whatever you have in mind.

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