5 Reasons Custom Packaging Important for Your Brand

The percentage of product-based brands going for custom packaging keeps increasing daily. Good custom packaging helps to market a product and improve sales. About 60% of shoppers who walk into your store are likely to go for attractive custom packages containing your product. The packaging gives your brand identity and can help your business stand out in the competitive market. Do you plan to customize your packages and wish to know more about the benefits of custom packaging? Keep reading more to find out the five reasons custom packaging boxes is important for your brand.

What Is Custom Packaging?

Custom packaging by custom pack box is the personalized boxing of products by companies to communicate important brand information to customers. They are usually complemented with patterns, colors, themes, and designs. They also have print effects such as foil stamping, spot UV printing, and embossing.

Packaging helps a product gain recognition and can convey messages about the brand, the product, and its owner. Packages generally help secure products and keep them from damage though it depends on the strength of the packaging material.

Types of Custom Packaging Materials

The different types of custom packaging boxes materials include:

Paperboard Boxes

Paperboard boxes are light and sturdy carton boxes that can be cut and manipulated into different shapes. The different types of paperboard boxes include;

Solid bleached sulfate boxes(SBS): The clay-coated surface gives them a fine white color. They are perfect for custom packaging because they are smooth and can be the best option for perishables like; pastries, meat, etc.

Coated unbleached kraft boxes(CUK): This packaging material has a natural look. Any customer that loves the natural look of recycled materials will love it. These boxes are ideal for heavy items such as; laundry detergents, soft drinks, and so on. Coated recycled paperboard: Ecommerce retailers use this packaging material to sell dry foods like pasta and cereal. It is made from fibers and enhanced with clay coatings.

Chipboard paperboard: This cost-effective custom packaging material is made from proclaimed stock. It is not suitable for heavy items and can easily get weak in storage spaces.

Corrugated Boxes

They are also known as cardboard boxes and are best for shipping products from one location to another. Most Nike sneakers are packaged with corrugated boxes. These boxes are also differentiated by their flute size. The larger the flute size, the more your product enjoys cushioning and compression resistance.

Paper Bags

Paper bags are easy to use and very customizable. Before other packaging materials existed, paper bags existed. This is why paper bags are usually seen in every grocery store. Asides from that, they are very eco-friendly materials that every sustainable business-minded person may want to resort to.

Rigid Boxes

Rigid boxes may be costlier than some packaging materials. They are made from highly condensed paperboard, which makes them thicker than normal. They are not collapsible kike other kinds of paper and can be used for shipping purposes. They can be used to package expensive products like shoes, jewelry, and iPhones.

5 Importance of Custom Packaging for Your Brand

Custom packaging has some major importance to every product-based business, and they include:

1. Increase Brand Recognition and Awareness

Customers can easily recognize your brand at the very sight of your custom package. Most businesses are only known within the state or town where it is established. And that is why business owners customize their product packages to create awareness in far and near countries and states. It is, however, important for your packaging to contain your brand logo, brand name, or any other vital information about your business. You never can tell; this might just be your lucky charm to attract potential customers to your business. Attractive product packages also create awareness for your brand. Gone are the days when we wait for the television and newspapers to help us create awareness for our products. A well-designed custom package can announce your products and help you make great sales.

2. Secures your Product from Damaging

Custom packaging has helped products a great deal, especially fragile products. How do you feel when on the arrival of your ordered goods, you discover it is scratched or slightly broken? Feels awful, right? With custom boxes, you are assured that your products reach your customers without any deformity. Customers love it when they get exactly what they ordered online. It makes them happy and keeps them loyal to your brand. Every business owner can adopt custom packaging for their products and see how good things will turn out for their business.

3. Enhances Customer Experience

Custom packaging enhances the customer experience in different ways. It’s no doubt that your products are authentic. However, that sometimes, may not be the concern of your customers. Customers buy what attracts their eyes and attention first sometimes, so business owners should ensure they give their customers the satisfaction their eyes seek. Good products plus good packaging can fetch you loyal customers. Asides from that, customers also appreciate it when their products come in without damage. Imagine a situation where you buy an iPhone without the Apple sleek designed iPhone box; you may certainly not feel like a proud buyer of Apple products.

4. Effectively Increase Brand Value

Every customer deserves a “Wow!” moment. Most times, customers get bored receiving uninteresting brown boxes over and over again. You can decide to take them by surprise this holiday by giving your custom boxes and packaging a new look. Use lively colors and patterns on your boxes and give your customers the moment they’ve been waiting for. A wow! moments can bring you lots of good tidings. Your customers get to create videos with their lovely custom boxes, which might bring you a long list of new customers. It makes your customers place so much value on your products even when they’ve not seen a good and rich-looking custom package that has got all these for you!

5. Eco-Friendly Alternatives from Traditional Packaging

Most custom packages are made with eco-friendly materials, which help in reducing waste. Making custom boxes with papers makes recycling and reusability possible. Eco-friendly manufacturing companies also don’t use chemicals that are harmful to the environment while producing papers.

Sustainable papers like; corrugated, cardboard, and kraft don’t require dangerous substances to be produced. Most of these substances can affect the atmosphere and aquatic life. So when choosing a packaging material, go for eco-friendly materials.

Things to Consider While Choosing Your Custom Packaging

To gift a friend with some new products in customized packaging, you should at least choose the color, size, and design that will be perfect for the gift. The quality and size of the custom boxes you choose to go with depends on the kind and size of the product involved.

Cosmetics, electronic items, kitchen items, and so on can be contained in a custom box. The different things to therefore consider while choosing a custom package include:

Affordable Price

You can get custom packages at affordable prices most times when you buy them in bulk. Sometimes, custom packages are given freely to customers during holidays. So to avoid so much expense, businesses should go for quality and affordable custom packages. The design should also not incur so much cost.

Try Different Materials

Before you buy custom packaging materials in bulk, you must check out different materials. Ensure you get the material that suits the design and item you have in mind. Looking for durable and strong materials? You can go for the kraft and cardboard packaging materials. They’re not so expensive yet; they are quite good for custom packaging and can secure your items.

Check out Colors and Finishing

It’s important to look out for attractive colors and finishing while choosing a custom package. Your brand will need a unique color to stand out from competitors.

Therefore, using one color scheme that represents your brand for your custom packages can help create awareness for your brand. For example, you can recognize the iPhone 12 pro series with its matte black color boxes.

Shape and Size

Be mindful of the right shape and size while choosing a custom package. You can properly measure your items and equipment and match them with the suitable box size. Doing so will help you secure your items from bad press or damage of any sort. It will also save you from extra cost and wastage.

Go for Themes

You can also choose the best themes for your packages. Your themes, colors, and patterns can communicate your brand image to customers and can attract new customers to your business. For example, you can give your holiday packages some red and white holiday colors or use a floral design during spring. Themes give your customers the best feel for any special season.

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