Structural samples are plain, unprinted prototypes of your packaging. They are the best choice when you want to assess the dimensions and structure of your packaging to make sure it’s a perfect fit for your products.

Folding Carton Box with Hang Tab
Shoulder and Neck Rigid box
Full Cover Rigid Box with Black Foam Insert

Here’s what’s included in our structural sample service:

*Note: Our structure samples are made on production machinery and the sizes and structure are precisely what you’ll receive.

What You Get With every structural sample, you’ll receive:

*Note: die-lines for inserts are also available with an additional cost.

Generally, structural samples take 3-5 days to complete and 7-10 days to ship.

Specify requirements

Choose the packaging type and define the specs (e.g. size, material).

Place order

Place your sample order and make payment in full.

Create sample (3-5 days)

The sample will be created based on the agreed upon specifications.

Ship sample (7-10 days)

We'll mail the physical sample to your specified address

Structural samples are available for all packaging types.

Cost per Sample

Packaging Type

USD 50

Packaging sleeves, tissue paper, hang tags, printouts.

USD 80+

Mailer boxes, folding carton boxes, stickers, custom box inserts*, foldable tray and sleeve boxes, paper bags, custom cake boxes, pillow boxes, shipping boxes etc

USD 99+

Rigid boxes, magnetic rigid boxes, shoe boxes

*Note: For box inserts, you need a die-line, if you don’t have one refer to support on live chat.

Order 500 or more pieces, and your Structural Sample cost is fully refunded. For multiple eligible samples per product, we’ll refund the costliest one. However, if you are a startup business ask support for a favour.

Please make sure the details of your sample are correct before ordering a structural sample. Once crafted, changes to the project may incur added fees.

Change Category


Minor Adjustments (no extra charges)

Major Alterations (extra sample fees apply)

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