The Benefits of Using Box Inserts in Custom Packaging Boxes

Custom box inserts can improve your packaging and amaze buyers or protect your product during handling and transportation. These are excellent ways to improve and safeguard your goods by providing additional care. Aside from keeping your goods secure, box inserts may help brands tell a compelling story and raise brand recognition. In this blog, we will look at the benefits of adopting custom box inserts as well as how firms may use custom-printed package inserts to market their products.

What are Custom Printed Packaging Inserts?

Custom-printed packaging inserts are inlays that protect your product safely inside the box. Inserts can be made from foam, cardboard, or paper to meet your specific product requirements. box inserts for packaging not only preserve your product but also provide your customers with an enjoyable unwrapping experience, allowing your business to interact with them on a deeper level.

Benefits of Using Box Inserts in Custom Packaging Boxes.

  • Protection from Damage

Custom packaging inserts are made to properly fit your goods, holding it in place and preventing it from shifting during shipment, ensuring that your product gets safely to your clients. For example, if a product is flimsy, it can easily shatter during transit, and your clients will receive it damaged. This occurrence may leave an unfavorable impression of your brand. As a result, box inserts can assist in reducing such mistakes in an appealing and elegant manner. As a result, many brands create special shipping box inserts to protect their products.

  • Provides Product Education

Custom Insert Boxes are an efficient marketing approach because they allow you to communicate with your potential customers about the product, such as its composition, safety warnings, or how to use it, so they can readily access the information and better understand your product. Customizing box inserts is an effective approach to communicate your brand to clients and educate them about your products.

  • Increases Brand Loyalty

Businesses value customer loyalty because it shows that your products deliver on their promises, therefore customers always prefer your brand over competitors. Because keeping consumers is cheaper than obtaining new ones, brands are continuously seeking for ways to do so. Box inserts in custom packaging boxes are often used to boost brand loyalty. Customers will be more excited to unwrap, boosting repeat purchases.

  • Reduce Shipping Cost

Custom boxes with inserts decrease shipping costs by removing unnecessary space. These are made to suit your goods properly, so no additional packing material is required. Smaller packages use less gasoline, resulting in lower delivery costs. Plain inserts are a less expensive option for communicating your product than printed inserts. You can also save money by employing promotional inserts such as thank you.

  • More Sustainable

Customers today place a high value on sustainability. They are more inclined to pick environmentally friendly boxes, which is what most manufacturers are concentrating on. Cardboard and kraft box inserts are eco-friendly. Biodegradable, recyclable, and eco-friendly. Eco-friendly inlays increase brand loyalty.

  • Customer Feedback

Receiving client comments and growing the brand’s general visibility are two more advantages that personalized box inserts can offer your company. Print your box insert and include information about where to leave feedback or which social media account to follow, along with a link to a customer survey.

What Types of Box Inserts Can Be Used in Custom Packaging Boxes?

Box inserts by custom pack box can be made of basic or complicated materials, such as foam, corrugated board, paperboard, or kraft, depending on the product.

  • Foam Inserts: Foam insert packaging is inexpensive to ship and lightweight. It offers extra security for breakable items like glass and jewels. Thus, this material, which can be made to fit any form or size, is the greatest option to think about if you’re seeking for a scratch-resistant box insert.
  • Corrugated Inserts: Providing protection throughout shipment and upholding the sustainability of the goods, corrugated inserts are a robust choice in numerous industries. With this, you can take advantage of premium finishing and printing choices that improve the unpacking experience and brand recognition. But compared to foam, corrugated material provides less protection.
  • Paperboard Inserts: For small, light products like stationery or cosmetics, paperboard inserts are a great choice. These are available in white or kraft natural color.


Customers are often drawn to custom-printed boxes, but you can enhance the unwrapping experience by adding little extras. Making an impression on clients is essential for every business, whether it is selling goods online or in-person. Your product packaging is elevated with custom printed package inserts. You must learn about the importance of sample boxes for your packaging. Because of this, your clients will be impressed and more likely to stick with your brand if you use custom package inserts and take these advantages into account. With our eye-catching package designs, our team of professionals makes it simple for you to personalize your own packing boxes and boosts your product sales.

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