How to Package & Ship Candles: Step-by-Step Guide

The two things that matter the most to delivering your goods properly are packaging and shipment, therefore if you’re running an online candle business and want to leave a lasting impression on your clients, you should focus on these two areas.

Equally crucial to the candle itself is the packaging, which also helps to secure the shipping and grows your e-commerce business. We’ll learn how to package and send your custom candle boxes in detail with this instruction.

Why is it difficult to ship candles?

Candles require additional care while being delivered, even though they may look robust and long-lasting. If they are not packed correctly, they may sustain some damage during transportation.

And if you improve your packing, you can stop that from occurring. Candles can be delivered in bespoke boxes that offer a stable foundation, and inserts can protect your goods from impacts from machines.

You should buy the right supplies by custom pack box for safely packing your candles so that they arrive at your clients’ locations undamaged. It makes sense to purchase these items in bulk if you receive a lot of orders. Many stores are interested in selling to you, so check them out.

When your candles are being transported in bigger boxes or containers, paper tubes and specific boxes keep them secure. If you are sending glass or tin candles, corrugated shipping boxes are an excellent option for packaging and delivery. Mailers work well for mailing pillar candles or tiny tea light candles.

A tape holder and a sufficient amount of labels to affix to the parcels should also be available. It’s helpful to have soft paper, tiny cornstarch bits, and puffy, air-filled bags nearby to wrap around the candles to provide protection.

How to choose the Right Box Type

You need to take extra care when choosing the packing material for your candle boxes to ensure that your candles arrive in perfect shape. Though there are many other ways to package candles, corrugated cardboard is the most efficient option. Also you should learn about what are the popular types of custom candle packaging to have a good idea of choosing the right box type

Why Corrugated Cardboard?

Your packaging must be strong enough to withstand any mechanical shock that can happen during transit in order to ensure safe shipping. Since corrugated candle packaging is most recognized for its effective product delivery, this is where it comes in handy.

Now that your corrugated box is prepared, fill it with packing materials (such as crumpled newspaper) in any empty spaces left after you place the object.

The right way to ship candles safetly

If you plan ahead and take a logical approach, shipping candles doesn’t have to be a tough undertaking.

Here are a few actions you might want to think about taking:

  • Become a registered user of reputable courier services like FedEx or DHL.
  • supplies related to orders, which could include
  • Materials for packaging (such as paper tube packaging, shipment packaging, mailer boxes, product boxes, and box filler).
  • Shipping labels
  • packaging materials (such as tissue paper, tape, stickers, and stamps)

The best ways to pack candles

At least one inch of protective material, such as paper or bubble wrap, should be wrapped around each candle. Use dividers if you’re delivering several candles so they don’t collide with one another.

To prevent the wrapped candles from shattering, place them inside paper tubes or boxes. you keep the tubes or boxes closed, make sure you secure them tightly with strong tape or stickers.

Choose a Custom box or envelope that the wrapped candles will fit inside snugly. Fill gaps with tissue paper or biodegradable packing peanuts.

Seal both sides of a box with durable, eco-friendly packaging tape. Masking tape and ordinary Scotch tape are not recommended because they will not hold up during shipping and could cause your candles to fall out.

Pack your candle box in the container of your choice, using wrap paper to cover any voids. If you are shipping several items, use dividers as box inserts and carefully stack the items.

Using packaging tape on both ends of the box, firmly seal it now. If you’re using a mailer box, use the integrated adhesive to attach the package and apply packaging tape to the tuck of the box for a strong hold.

Note: Avoid using mask or ordinary scotch tape as they are unlikely to survive the shipping process and will cause damage to your merchandise.

Add Custom Notes

You might include personalized comments, such thank you notes, to demonstrate your concern for your customer and to give them the best possible packaging and shipping experience. You’ll be able to carefully provide your stuff to your clients in this way.

You may even add a handwritten note to the package to make it more unique. The client would feel valued as a result, and there would be a stronger bond.

Choose the best Courier

Selecting the ideal courier service for your product is the next step. Considering their prices, shipping methods, and delivery time, you may select the courier service that will deliver your goods.

After choosing the courier provider, you will move on to the last step, which is listed below.

Apply Shipping Labels Clearly

The final step is to print your mailing labels, including your brand name, and attach them to your packing after choosing a courier provider. Additionally, the courier service will provide you with a tracking number for your order. Copy this number, tape it to your package, and let your customer know how their order is doing.

How to Calculate the Shipping Cost

Finally, remember to include in the cost of sending your candles. Price may vary depending on delivery selection, candle weight, and distance. Use an online shipping calculator for a precise estimate.

Remember that different shipping agencies charge different amounts, and there can be additional costs associated with mailing candles. One alternative to think about is the flat-rate shipping services provided by FedEx, USPS, and UPS. Candle delivery has an estimated minimum cost of roughly $46.34, with $68.23 being the most economical option.

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