Why Customized Rigid Boxes are Ideal for Luxury Products

In the packaging industry, there are primarily three types of boxes: rigid boxes, corrugated boards, and folding cartons, sometimes known as paperboard boxes.

Since rigid packaging boxes are typically exhibited in stores with the products they hold, they are also known as set-up boxes. Others refer to them as luxury packaging because they frequently contain expensive products like jewelry, gadgets, and makeup.

Typically, rigid packaging boxes are made up of two components: a thick chipboard that is 4–5 times thicker than folding carton boxes, with a thickness of 36–120 points (about 2-3 millimeters); and a thinner, more flexible paper wrap that is adhered to the chipboard to provide coverage. It’s the wrap that can have foil stamping, varnish, coatings, and other high-end printing methods and textures added for branding purposes.

Not only does the lining inside protect products from dust and scratches, but it also gives a sophisticated touch to certain custom rigid boxes.

Benefits of Using Rigid Boxes

What makes rigid gift boxes a great option for your business?

1. They’re Customizable

When it comes to incorporating a custom rigid box into your marketing plan for upscale retail packaging or e-commerce packaging, there are several options to consider. You can select a distinctive form with a lively and playful design or a more sober layout with minimal or no frills, depending on who your target customer is.

Chipboards are available in a variety of thicknesses, and you can experiment with different paper types, printing methods, coatings, and finishes to customize the wrap with your business name and logo.

2. They Don’t Require Setup

Customized rigid boxes by custom pack box don’t require assembly unless you choose collapsible variants, which lowers the effort required once they are delivered to your business.

3. They Raise Brand Awareness

If you can choose a rigid box shape or design that makes a statement compared to your competition, it can assist boost sales. A clear window, stickers on the labels, or a particular construction that makes handling and unpacking enjoyable are some of the features that can be added to boxes.

4. They Improve User Experience

Having high-quality packaging is crucial since, after viewing or handling your products, it is the first thing that customers perceive. Tailor-made packaging boxes can improve a product’s touch and visual appeal. This enhances the item’s elegance and raises the value of your brand.

Rigid packing boxes, therefore, provide both new and existing customers with a comprehensive experience from the moment they view it (online or in-store) until the moment they receive it by delivery or take it home following their in-store purchase.

5. They Can Boost Your Credibility

Your business seems more credible and professional when it is printed with high-quality graphics, product specifications, artwork, and the box’s finish.

4 Reasons Why Luxury Brands Choose Rigid Boxes for Their Retail Products

Choosing a packaging printing choice that upholds the integrity of the product is a clear goal if your company is known for premium, high-end goods. While there are many options for retail boxes, nothing better showcases your high-quality products than custom rigid boxes from a package printing firm that may help your business boost sales. This post will explain to creative teams and brand managers why rigid boxes are the best options for retail packaging for high-end products.

1. Shoppers Interact More with Products Packaged in Rigid Boxes

Brand managers are well aware that giving consumers an emotional experience is essential to the luxury retail industry’s success. When buying luxury goods, consumers seek an air of exclusivity from the moment they find the product on the store to the moment they touch it in their hands and open it. Rigid boxes contribute to that experience.

Remember that well-made, eye-catching rigid boxes entice buyers the instant they lay eyes on the merchandise. Customers want to handle and pick it up to examine it more closely. Should the package elicit such a strong emotional response, a purchase will ensue. Brands may add value and improve the consumer experience by collaborating with their package printing firm to design a rigid boxes that highlights the unique aspects of their retail goods and best reflects it.

2. Rigid Boxes Protect Retail Products

Rigid boxes not only shield retail products from harm but also improve the customer’s experience with a product. Packed with padded, snug-fitting enclosures, rigid boxes are incredibly well-made and may be customized with inserts to further protect contents. The sturdy, premium materials used to build the rigid box walls are complemented by a lid that fits snugly and has several useful alternatives.

3. Rigid Boxes Serve as a Presentation and Display Piece

Rigid boxes are preferred by luxury brands because they may be used as showpieces. Brands frequently use rigid boxes to enhance product presentation and often to showcase their jewelry, electronics, or other merchandise, with the lid facing down next to the item to show off the box’s design and branded logo. A lot of rigid boxes can have different textured inserts, such as padded ones, or they can even employ materials like wood, leather, or glass to reflect the object. Luxury brands collaborating with retail packaging companies place a great deal of emphasis on the presentation part of retail packaging because it fosters an emotional connection between consumers and the items.

4. Rigid Boxes Offer Endless Exterior Design Opportunities

As we’ve already discussed, the outside surface of a rigid box contributes to its presentation value just as much as its internal design. Rigid boxes are made to resist a wide range of surface materials and textures without collapsing or losing structural integrity because of their excellent construction. Pleather, fine linens, silk, wood paneling, stone sheets, leather, velvet, and even a combination of textures with different coating possibilities are among the customization options available for luxury businesses.

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