Simplified Samples

Simplified Samples offer a straightforward, cost-effective way to test your packaging design. They come without any complex features or finishes, allowing for a clear assessment of size and fit. Perfect for verifying your product’s compatibility with its packaging before full-scale production.

black mailer box black printed mailer boxes
Mailer Box
black shoe boxes usa custom shoe box design
Shoe Box
custom display boxes printed display box
Display Box
hang tab boxes
Hang Tab Box

What's Included

Included in a Simplified Sample:

Key Points to be noted:

  • Simplified Samples, made using sampling machines, may not have the sharp print quality of our primary production. They might be more challenging to fold and show minor paper imperfections like creases or tears.
  • The appearance of Black tone printing can differ between print batches due to variations in equipment, paper, and applied finishes or coatings.
  • For precise color needs, opt for Pantone over CMYK, or provide us with a physical item (like an existing box) for color reference. For Pantone or specific color matches, request a Press Proof or Pre-production Sample.


What You’ll Get With every structural sample order, you’ll receive:

*Note: die-lines for inserts are only provided as part of ourstructural design service.

Process & Timeline

Generally, structural samples take 3-5 days to complete and 7-10 days to ship.

1. Specify requirements

Choose the packaging type and define the specs (e.g. size, material).

2. Place order

Place your sample order and make payment in full.

3. Create dieline (2-3 days)

We'll create the dieline for you to add your artwork to.

4. Send artwork

Add your artwork to the dieline and send it back to us for approval.

5. Create sample (4-5 days)

The sample will be printed based on the artwork file you've sent over.

6. Ship sample (7-10 days)

We'll send photos and mail the physical sample to your specified address.


Structural samples are available for all packaging types.

Cost per Sample

Packaging Type

USD 90+

Packaging sleeves, tissue paper, hang tags, printouts.

USD 159+

Mailer boxes, folding carton boxes, stickers, custom box inserts*, custom box dividers, foldable tray and sleeve boxes, paper bags, cardboard tubes, custom cake boxes, pillow boxes.

*Note: If you supply us with a die-line for the insert, Simplified Samples of Custom Box Inserts are available. If you don’t have a die-line for your insert, we can create it for you as part of our structural design service.

Reimbursement Policy

Place an order for 600 or more units, and your Simplified Sample costs are entirely refundable. When multiple samples for a single product qualify, we’ll refund the most expensive one.

Changes & Modifications

Ensure the specifics of your Simplified Sample are correct before ordering. Once crafted, modifications to the project, especially the artwork, may attract added charges.

Type of Change


Minor Adjustments (free of extra charges)

Major Alterations (extra sample fees apply)

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