Custom Packaging Inserts – A Comprehensive Guide

In a world driven by e-commerce and fast-paced consumerism, packaging holds a significant role beyond merely protecting the products during shipping. It’s the first point of interaction for a customer with your brand. The way you package your products can make or break your sales.

Custom packaging inserts are one of the leading stars in the packaging industry, a little-known secret in e-commerce. It helps a brand to stand out its products on shelves, enhance the unboxing experience, and boost customer loyalty.

In this comprehensive blog, we will discuss the world of packaging inserts, exploring what they are, why they are essential, how to design them effectively, and their impact on a business.

What Are Custom Packaging Inserts?

A custom box insert is an additional material placed inside your packaging for multiple purposes. A packaging insert is made of cardboard, foam, paper, or other materials designed to enhance the consumer’s unboxing experience. It assures product integrity during shipping and storage and conveys important information or branding messages.

These inserts are customized to fit your specific product, providing a snug and secure fit that protects the product and adds a touch of elegance and professionalism to your custom packaging boxes. There are various types of custom packaging inserts, a few of them are the following:

Box Inserts

Custom box inserts are used to hold your products in one place. They protect your retail items from being damaged during shipping and handling. Box inserts range from simple to complex materials, depending on the material.

For instance, you can go with corrugated inserts, cardboard inserts, plastic inserts, and foam inserts. They all help your products remain safe and create a high-end experience. One of the most significant advantages of custom inserts is that you can design them how you want. In addition, you can imprint the company’s logo and tagline to tell your brand narratives to your consumers.

Thank You Cards

Thank you cards are simple yet effective packaging inserts made from paper. It’s simple for your packaging but a big step for building a healthy customer relationship. A personalized thank you card will allow you to show your gratitude. But they can do so much more!

They provide an excellent opportunity for brand building. A thank you card can help to showcase your product ranges. You can also share your website and social media accounts to stay connected with buyers.

Add a personal note to show your potential buyers that you care about every one of them. It’s always nice to know there are human beings behind the brand. So say thanks to them, and boost your brand prosperity!


The idea is the same whether you call them coupons or discount cards. Coupons are a great way to encourage repeat purchases for new and returning customers. Also, it’s one of the ideas to promote your products.

With the help of these coupons, you can foster loyalty and create a lasting relationship with your end users. In addition, you can share a discount code for a specific amount or percentage off. Your customers will be happy with such inserts as no one wants to ignore discounted products.

How Do You Design Effective Custom Packaging Inserts?

Now, you understand what are custom boxes with inserts, what their types, and why they are essential. Let’s move to how we design these inserts effectively that will draw customers’ attention within the first glimpse!

Understand Your Target Audience

Understand your target audience’s preferences and needs. Tailor your inserts to resonate with their tastes and interests. Make sure to keep your brand values in mind while designing inserts for custom printed boxes.

Simplicity and Clarity

Keep your message clear and concise. Avoid cluttered designs or overwhelming information. Keep the spacing guidelines in mind while designing the box inserts, as it helps to keep your products intact during shipping and storage. We have said over and over again that a packaging insert could help market your brand. It acts as a canvas for you to tell your brand tale.

Printing your branding elements like logo and tagline can provide multiple benefits. Put some thought into what you want to print on your insert. It could be a simple logo or a hashtag defining your brand morals. An insert provides you with an opportunity to convey your brand morals elegantly.

Visual Appeal

Invest in high-quality graphics and printing. Vibrant colors and appealing visuals can make your inserts stand out. If you’re curious about how to design a custom insert that draws in customers, jump into our latest guide on inspiring design ideas for custom inserts. It will help you customize your inserts per your marketing campaign and product specifications.

Final Thoughts!

Custom packaging inserts are a versatile and valuable tool in your e-commerce arsenal. Various kinds of custom inserts are available in the market. Whether you want an insert for your mailer box or subscription boxes, it’s up to you what kind of insert you want to choose per your product and brand specifications. Choose the perfect one and slay in the e-commerce sector to boost your brand reputation!

Custom Pack Box is here to customize box inserts for various products using different materials, including cardboard, corrugated, and foam. We don’t make plastic inserts! Feel free to contact us for any queries about your dream custom boxes or packaging inserts so we can help you develop a solution to upgrade your sales revenue to a whole new level.


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