Unveiling the Magic of Custom Packaging Inserts – Types and Incredible Benefits

Packaging acts as a silent salesperson for your brand. It’s a customer’s first physical interaction with your product and brand. Are you seeking solutions to improve the appearance of your package while protecting the products?

Custom packaging inserts can do this magical job! A custom box insert is made from various materials, including cardboard, corrugated, foam, and Kraft. These inserts can be custom-sized to fit your products inside the packaging.

You can utilize packaging inserts to ship all your products, and the best part is that they will reach their final destination in pristine condition. Even bulkier items can get added protection when fit in custom inserts.

A box insert doesn’t only serve security purposes, but it adds a wow factor to your custom packaging boxes. They are a great marketing tool that can take your customer’s unboxing experience from ho-hum to something they want to share.

So, let’s delve into the world of packaging inserts and why they matter for branding!

Types of Custom Packaging Inserts

There are some products that you put into a box and ship them without giving any second thought. However, some products require extra protection during transit and storage to assure customer satisfaction and a better unboxing experience.

For this purpose, people use void fills like packing peanuts, crackle paper, and PF foam. These are all great options in certain situations, but what about the unboxing experience? Custom box inserts are taking charge to make your customer’s shopping experience much more special.

Multiple custom inserts are available in the market, ranging from cardboard, corrugated, paper, and foam inserts. But what type of custom packaging inserts is a perfect fit for your product and brand?

Here’s a table that talks about different types of custom box inserts and assists you in making a well-informed choice by selecting the most suitable option!

Paperboard insertsLightweight, economical, eco-friendly packaging for cosmetics, electronics, and food items. Customizable with printing
Corrugated insertsSturdy, protective cushioning for fragile or heavy items during shipping, like glassware and electronics. These inserts are recyclable,
Rigid chipboard insertsPremium, rigid protection for delicate items like jewelry and cosmetics. Ideal for luxury packaging.
Foam insertsSoft, shock-absorbing cushioning for sensitive items such as electronics and medical equipment. This kind of insert provides a customizable fit.


Beneficial Aspects of Custom Boxes With Inserts

Now we have explored various types of custom box inserts, it’s time to delve into the incredible benefits they offer:

Enhanced Brand Image

Custom packaging inserts allow businesses to showcase their brand personality and values. Whether through a heartfelt thank-you note or a commitment to sustainability, these inserts can leave a lasting impression on customers. A positive brand image can lead to increased loyalty and word-of-mouth marketing.

Why building a reputable brand image is important, consider this:

  • 94% of people said they are more loyal to brands they were emotionally engaged in.
  • 50% of consumers reveal that they are more likely to buy products from brands that package them in branded packaging.
  • 48% of consumers said they are loyal to a brand during the first purchase or experience.

Environmentally Friendly Packaging

Eco-friendly inserts align with the growing consumer demand for sustainability. Businesses incorporating these inserts into their packaging demonstrate a commitment to environmental responsibility, which can attract eco-conscious customers and positively influence purchase decisions. According to a survey:

60% of consumers said that they are less likely to purchase a product in harmful packaging.”

Assure Robust Product Protection

The most crucial role of packaging is to ensure you receive products in safe and sound condition. It doesn’t matter how high-quality product you have in your store or how beautifully you designed your packaging. If your customers receive broken products, there isn’t any logic behind this. This incident will create a bad impression of your brand on customers, and ultimately, you will reduce your sales revenue.

Protective inserts play a crucial role in reducing product damage during shipping. Customers are less likely to initiate returns or request refunds when items arrive intact and undamaged. This not only saves businesses money but also preserves customer satisfaction.

Enhance The Aesthetic Appeal of Packaging

Customers will notice your packaging’s sophisticated appearance if you use custom packaging with inserts. They can arrange your goods such that they become the main attraction. A stunning presentation might result in significant marketing advantages.

Unboxing videos, for instance, are quite popular right now. People have watched unboxing videos on their phones for as long as it would take to watch “ Love Actually” 20 million times. Most of the time spent on these videos discusses the product packaging.

72% of Americans stated that packaging can affect their decision to purchase. Looks are essential in both e-commerce and traditional retail.

Bottom Line!

Custom box inserts can take your packaging game to a new level, making your products the talk of the town with our inspiring ideas for custom box inserts! You can design them the way you want. They reflect your brand values. What else do you want? For further details, read our latest blog post on Custom Packaging Inserts – A comprehensive guide!

Are you looking for a packaging supplier that designs a customized packaging solution and inserts for your products? Then, you have landed at the right place! Custom Pack Box is your one-stop-shop solution. Contact us today; our specialist will guide you through every step of the custom packaging process without breaking a sweat.

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